Trippy Tilla


There’s a unique ambience of the tilla standing with its head held high near our college; for little kids it’s a Maggi point while for the bigger kids, it’s a sutta point. Early in the morning when you wander off nearly 700m, you encounter a tin shop where all your hunger and cravings are satisfied. When the enchanting wind blows through your streaks, it seems as if it carries away all the worries of your life. It’s a point which is a bit elevated above the road, when you climb up to there, your excitement level is on the peak because the glass bottle of coke which is so rare, you can find it in here. The vein-fizzing trip soothes your mood and you feel very relaxed. It’s a small point where you get to eat yippie with the dominance of capsicum taste and aroma in it, an omelette which by luck can be great and obviously the coke – oh the best thing! In my 17 years before the college, I haven’t had this much coke as I had from this shop. It is as if when my coke-college will be remembered being nostalgic, COKE will strike me first. Once four friends accompanied me till there and the shopkeeper must have had a great time listening to our jokes. From my point of view, I see a tree bowing in the direction of the blowing wind, which seems like it’s saying hello to people tredding the road side. A herd of big black buffaloes was playing in a small water body and was a source of entertainment to us. A dog which almost scared the shit out of me, was wandering continuously probably seeking some love from us, but how would have I told you little dog, (which was not so little), I could not help it because I was too scared. Best friend of mine was happy enough to cheer the dog with cute expressions as if they were trying to talk to each other. So, connections are important – stay tuned to each other!


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