Pleasure of mind


I am blank, who is not.

Yesterday I was, today I am, tomorrow I’ll be. There’s a web in this void.

Yet, it’s not visible to my naked eyes.

Why is that so?

 I asked a tree, who awaits them to come and take his shade.

Those roots answered the glory and the grief.

 I asked the river, who flows like those of the streaks of a girl running to meet her mother.

Those streaks answered the strength and the weakness.

 I asked the mountains, who is the father to this enormous world. Tall, handsome, graceful. That every stone that bid it’s place, to join to become a mountain answered about the adaptations And the terrifying fear.

I asked the air, who is mother to this earth. That every breeze which touch my face coming from the Sandy desert or touching the breast of the sea. She answered me what’s gone and what’s return.

 I finally went to sea, I see shades of you. How will you eat me I asked her, laughingly? She was quiet and numb. She answered about the silence, peace of this world.

 Why I was blank? My question was easy no one answered me back about it. But they did, the core behind the web is of the same colour so it seems a void space.

 You keep a white object on a white sheet.

 Result is white.

There’s a reason to every addition, there’s a situation to every subtraction. It’s the way we see things by peeping through the pipe’s hole. A bit of change of mind, a slant lateral champering, a taper perception can show us the way to reach the place where we want to. Stiffness is the factor pulling us back to the starting point. Flexural and brittle failures will always take place no matter how strong a structure is. So, when are you getting flexible?

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