Meet me, I’ll ask you to fly

Today I am going to speak, and you’re going to listen. I will motivate you and you have

to understand you do not have to make a space in this world when you already have it.

You will grab all your lost pieces and you WILL SPEAK UP!

WHY stay quiet ?

Speak the fuck out and you will do it for yourself. You’re enough all alone and you don’t

need any one. You can do anything and you will nail whatever sphere you get in. All you

need is to speak up, SPEAK UP FOR YOUR SELF.

Demand for your self and fight for yourself. How long will you sit under the broadcast

tree of rumors ?

BREAK THE CHAINS. Make your way to the ladder. Once you say no to the

inappropriate things, you apparently reach another level.

Ain’t that satisfactory much ?

Yes, it is. In other words if you define yourself, you’ll come out different and unique by

getting unfuck from the crowd.

There’s a saying when 1 dull person stays with a group of 5 intellect people, he as well

is counted as the intellect one. But If 1 intellect stays with a group of 5 dull people he

himself loses the intellect quality. SO UNFUCK YOURSELF.

We’re all fighters, yes if you are not fighting at the border, doesn’t mean you’re not a

fighter! You’re facing daily consequences too! Fight the worse and rise to the sky.

It’s time to bring a change, when are you showing your middle finger first time ?


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